Dear Professors Colleagues

We are extremely sorry to announce that we have made the very difficult decision to cancel 

17th International Conference Mechatronic Systems and Materials (MSM 2022)

because of very little interest, which probably results from the exceptional and unfavorable geopolitical situation.
Until the last minute, we had hope that this may succeed, but we could no longer delay making this decision.
We did not make it lightly especially as we know that some of you have spent time, effort and energy preparing your presentations and papers.
We were so looking forward to hearing your research at the meeting.

We would like to assure those who have paid the conference fee that it will be refunded to the same account from which it was paid.

Finally we would like to apologize for this situation and thank you for all your support!

Best regards,

Organising Committee
17th International Conference „Mechatronic Systems and Materials”

Mechatronic Systems and Materials

17th International Conference MSM2022

15-16 September 2022

Opole University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanics and Machine Design

Opole, Poland

Dear Colleagues,

it is my great pleasure to invite you to attend the 17th International Conference „Mechatronic Systems and Materials”. 

 As before in the history of our conferences, also this time I hope, that this meeting will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience and also for many formal and informal meetings with other scientists. I am convinced that the conference sessions will be an opportunity for discussions in a friendly atmosphere.

As usual, we will offer something to young PhD students, and we also want to highlight vision systems, which are expanding into more areas in mechatronic systems. We will invite entrepreneurs to share their experiences with us.

This time, together with the team of the Organizing Committee we would like to invite you to Opole and host you at the Opole University of Technology.


Taking into account the epidemiological situation around us, we are planning to organize the conference in a hybrid mode: some of the meetings will be held in our centre, some remotely. Detailed information can be found on the conference website.


prof. Roland Pawliczek – Chairman

Aim and Scope

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity to share information and facilitate cooperation in mechatronics and new materials and dissemination of current research results in this multidisciplinary field.

The scope of conference topics includes:

  • Mechatronics systems,
  • Vision systems and image processing,
  • Mechatronics in work machines,
  • Materials (properties, modeling, manufacturing and processing),
  • Education,
  • Young researchers forum.

English will be the official language of the conference.

Detailed conference topics:

  • Mechatronics systems
    • Robotics, industrial robots, mobile robots
    • Sensors and actuators in mechatronics
    • Control of mechatronics systems
    • Analysis of vibration and deformation
    • Optimization, optimal design
    • Integrated diagnostics
    • Failure analysis
    • Tribology in mechatronics systems
    • Analysis of signals
    • Measurement techniques
    • Piezoelectricity: sensors and actuators
  • Vision systems, image processing
    • Machine Vision System
    • Reverse engineering
    • Applications with Artificial Intelligence
  • Mechatronics in work machines
  • Materials (properties, modeling, manufacturing and processing),
    • Structural health monitoring
    • Smart materials
    • Biomaterials
    • Functional composites
    • Piezoelectric materials
    • Nanomaterials
  • Education
    • New trends in mechatronic and material science education
    • Teaching materials and laboratory facilities
  • Young researchers forum

Young researchers forum:

Many young mechatronics engineers base their first engineering solutions on a very popular Arduino microcontroller, which, as it turns out later, is a long-term guest in their labs. We encourage PhD students to share their ideas and present how they use Arduino in their projects.

In order to qualify for the presentation, the paper must be related to mechatronics and use Arduino as a microcontroller in the project. The work cannot be about Arduino itself.

Works will be presented only in the form of a poster.

Meet the Speakers

Our speakers include renowned and successful scientists known to develop knowledge in their research areas. Join our event and get closer to being an expert in Mechatronics Systems and Materials.


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About the Organisers

The organizers of MSM 2022 are a group of people representing the Opole University of Technology, who has repeatedly been the team responsible for organizing scientific conferences and other scientific events, with experience and skills that will ensure the best organization of the upcoming MSM in September 2022.

Join this event and get a chance to meet us in person.

Our Patrons and Sponsors

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