The organizers are making efforts to ensure that the papers presented during the MSM 2022 in an extended version can be submitted for publication in relevant scientific journals.

Taking into account the wide range of topics, the organizers of the MSM 2022 Conference have made efforts to cooperate with significant scientific publishers.

At this moment we are proud to be able to communicate that the publishers cooperating with us are the publishers of the following prestigious journals:

  • Materials (MDPI Publisher)
    • MDPI Materials will sponsor publication as „Best Paper Award”
  • Journal of Vibroengineering and Journal of Measurements in Engineering (JVE Journals / Extrica Publisher)
    • The Editors of JVE in agreement with the Organizers of MSM2022 will publish a special issue of the Journal of Vibroengineering where the publication cost per article will be reduced by 25%. (A certain minimum number of articles is required). When submitting a manuscript through JVE submission system a special promo code needs to be entered. This code will be distributed by organizers afer recomendation.
    • JVE will sponsor publication for one paper recommended by the MSM2022 Scientific Committee as „Best Paper Award”.
    • Authors may also publish articles as „regular paper” in Journal of Vibroenginieering and Journal of Measurements in Engineering.
    • Publication will be in accordance with the requirements and procedures of the Publisher, including review by JVE reviewers.
  • Acta Mechanica et Automatica (Bialystok University of Technology Publishing Office)
    • Articles recommended by the MSM2022 Scientific Committee will be accepted for publication in the AMA as a „regular paper” according to the requirements and procedures of the AMA Publisher including review by AMA reviewers.
    • The MSM2022 organizers together with the AMA Editorial Board are negotiating the possibility of publishing a special issue of the AMA dedicated to the MSM 2022 Conference. Information will be provided as soon as possible.

Articles not published in any of Journals will be placed as a chapter in a monograph published by Opole University of Technology.

The organizers also envisage awarding prizes for the best papers, which will be completely released from additional publication costs (APC), as well as discount codes for distinguished papers, which will authorize publication on preferential conditions for conference participants.


More details about the awards and cooperating publishers are coming soon!